Memorial Day

The meaning of Memorial Day

A day of remembrance
a moment of silence
for those who lost their lives
and made the greatest sacrifice
to protect the freedoms
we all hold dear

A day for prayer
and for remembering families
that were left behind
sons and daughters
wives and husbands
fathers, mothers,
sisters, brothers

Next time you see a soldier
thank him or her
thank their family
and pray for their safety
for they may one day
pay the ultimate price
to save our lives

~ written by Lisa Renshaw




Lisa Renshaw is a mom, business owner and passionate writer. Her interests are varied so topics she writes about include everything from business to being a mom, raising a daughter and son, healthy living and more. Her business articles can be seen the in the Business Magazine of Florida (http://businessmagazinegainesville.com) and on her Blu Dove Designs business Blog at http://bludovedesigns.com

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