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Little lost horsey… Found

Our son is 5 months old. When he was about 1 month old, his sister gave him a little sweet, funny looking paisley horse that rattles. He is very colorful with skinny legs and a smile. It was originally hers when she was a baby. He loves that toy and has played with it every day since.

One day while leaving the Chiropractor, I put my wallet and the little horse on top of my car while I buckled my son in his seat. I went around to my side, got in and drove off. About 5 minutes later I got a call from my chiropractor that someone had found and returned my wallet. That’s when I remembered… and thought…”Oh no! Isaac’s little horsey was with my wallet and he’s probably lost.” My heart sank.

I immediately turned around to head back. On the drive back I looked along the road to see if I could see the horse. Low and behold he was laying in the road right near the chiropractor’s. I parked, got my son out and walked to get the little horsey. I was relieved to have found him except to discover he no longer rattled because he had been run over. I didn’t think it was a big deal so I washed him up good and gave him back to my son. 

Isaac knew something wasn’t right. Even though I cleaned him up, it didn’t smell right. He wouldn’t play with the little guy. So… That’s when I started a search for his replacement. 

A quick google image search for “Infantino horse” turned up this oddly named little plush animal site called Dirty Butter. They specialize in helping people find lost loveys. 

How wonderful!! 

They had 2 of the little horsey!! Not to mention her prices were reasonable. I ordered both just in case I would need another replacement later on. There was a little glitch in the ordering process so I called. The sweetest woman, named Rosemary, answered and helped get things processed. Not only that… when I told her my name, she remembered that I had emailed her asking a question about the horsey! She shipped it right away after I paid!! Now all is well. My son has his little horsey back and he knows this new one works 🙂 

Thank you Dirty Butter for coming to my rescue! I’m sharing my story in hopes other’s will find you like I did! ❤️

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