Airport People Watching

I love people watching and I find that the airport is an interesting place to do such observation…as it’s never dull and there are tons of people from all walks of life! Here’s a story from a trip May 15, 2013.

There is a very dark black man off to my forward left, decked out in a purple suit, golden yellow shirt & tie and gold colored alligator skin boots. To his left, the man is half asleep playing with his cell phone. To his right is a married couple who seem the least bit interested in each other and very intrigued by their magazine. He’s into Money magazine and I can’t see what she’s reading – looks like Time or People judging from the text and the photos. On the same row of seats, against the window is a white-haired man reading a book called “How did they do that?” and his son or perhaps his grandson form the looks of his white head of hair and beard. Perhaps his son, who is into guitar has turned his hair white. They are both reading quietly just like the married couple. The man reminds of someone back home….don’t think it’s Allen.

An older, well dressed man in spectacles just sat down next to me and he smells of cologne. It’s a nice smelling cologne, but a little strong for me. He’s reading about Iran, Mass Transit, Government Leaks and other current world news in today’s USA Today….including the political funnies.

As I write this the married couple decide they’ve had enough of this and they’re going to ignore each other somewhere else. Another, older couple has taken their place and are quite engaged in conversation. Though he doesn’t look happy.

There is a silver haired lady sitting in the row perpendicular to mine. She’s not one to care what other people think evidenced by her red sweater covered in lemons. She’s knitting a potholder, I’m guessing. Her husband was reading a book and now he’s observing the world as I am.

I have a new neighbor to my right. An older woman with a cross-stitched presbyterian cross pin. She’s slathers chapstick after digging through her brightly striped mexican patterned purse….making herself beautiful as she checks herself in the mirror. Now to try to get everything to fit back in the purse now that she’s pulled it out is the challenge. I can relate to her struggle. She begins talking on the phone in a sweet spanish accent….that explains the Mexican purse.

people-waiting-at-airport_19-131138The cologne is growing stronger. I think I may need to get up and get some fresh air.

The man sitting directly behind me is very loud and talking about how his wife says he’s ugly – that’s why she married him. He obviously doesn’t care who hears him. Someone is going to school and he thinks his wife’s brother’s wife is beautiful. The woman next to him expresses her hunger. He suggests a salad and then offers to go for her. She says no thanks and he now sits quietly in his red hat and t-shirt that is as loud as he is.

There is an elderly couple off to my right who has now fallen asleep. Her with her hands on her purse and him with his arms crossed. Her head nods off as she falls into a deeper sleep. I wish I could go to sleep, but I don’t trust anyone.

People in wheelchairs, a woman on crutches,

“Si”…. “Si”…. “aahhh…oh, bueno, si, si, bueno, ok, by bye” says my mexican neighbor.

People come and go, looking for a place to sit, checking in… all waiting to board our big steel bird that will take us to our destination.

As I watch the transformation of people in the waiting area of the terminal, it becomes clear that the boy was not the old man’s son or grandson – just another participant.

It’s a couple’s 16th Anniversary… the Airline attendance announces… and time to stop writing this story.

I love the airport because it’s never dull.

written May 13, 2013



Lisa Renshaw is a mom, business owner and passionate writer. Her interests are varied so topics she writes about include everything from business to being a mom, raising a daughter and son, healthy living and more. Her business articles can be seen the in the Business Magazine of Florida (http://businessmagazinegainesville.com) and on her Blu Dove Designs business Blog at http://bludovedesigns.com

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