The joys and sorrows of change

My 2-1/2 year old daughter will be starting preschool next week. Today was the open house and meet the teacher day. Ms. Nadia is her teacher and Ms. Anna is the teacher assistant. Both are wonderful! Caitlyn did great with the other children and I believe she will have an awesome time and learn a lot! Mommy is going to be a mess next week when I drop her off if today is any indication. My husband was taking her back home for the afternoon so I said my good-byes, asking for an extra hug from her and climbed in my car.

Once I arrived at my office and wrote this piece. I’m sure many of you reading this can relate.

Tears of joy
tears of sadness
heart beating
head racing

my little girl
is growing up

no longer is she
the 9 lb bundle
I brought home
on a cold winter day

my little girl
is growing up

learning her abcs
and counting 1-2-3
having fun
making friends

my little girl
is growing up

sharing, caring
climbing, running
a kiss on the cheek
for her new teacher

my little girl
is growing up

proud mamma
nervous mamma
knowing she
will be just fine

my little girl
is growing up

she needs me different
that’s good and sad
so independent
and full of promise

my little girl
is growing up

I pray today
that she has
the best year ever
learning all she can

my little girl
is growing up

I am excited
to see her grow
into her beautiful wings
watching her try new things

my little girl
is growing up.

as this momma
copes with change
letting go a little
so she can grow a lot

my little girl
is growing up

After thatI couldn’t hold it in any longer. I called my good friend on Skype and the waterworks started.

I just feel like time is going by way too fast. It seems like yesterday she was this 9lb little bundle dependent on me for everything… and now she’s learning to do so much on her own.

I hope she always knows how much I love her.




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Poetry written: 8/27/15

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