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Legos are not just for kids!

I love legos! When I was a kid, I had an entire city set up in the basement of our house. I would build, rebuild and rebuild the main house. I had a fire station, roads, cars, people and so much more! When I moved, I had no room for them in my dorm and later my apartment so they were handed down to my cousins.  I was sad to see them go.

lego-674362_1280When I met my husband 8 years ago, we got on the topic of Legos one night and how much we fun they are. He found that we could get a better deal buying them buy the pound on ebay so we started restocking!  We began reliving our childhood. The best part of the by the pound Lego lots was opening the box and going through what was inside. Because sellers couldn’t possibly show every little piece in the lot, it was like finding buried treasure. We sorted, organized and even built some stuff!

We and now we have enough to rebuild an entire city and then some! =)

Today I ran across these pretty creative Lego life hacks!  Check these out! I’m definitely going to set up the phone holder!

Lego Life Hacks

Click here for more!

Legos by the pound: (I already did the search for you):

Take a break and play today!

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