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Heartfelt Thank You to our Veterans

The words “Thank you” seems so small…for a courage so great.

To our veterans young and old, those wounded by the wages of war, those who fought for our freedoms and were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, I thank you with my whole heart. A special thank you to my husband’s grandfather, Gordon and my brother-in-law, Gregg.  I thank the wives, husbands,  moms, dads, brothers, sisters, children of those who have served – they too have given a sacrifice few of us will ever fully understand; and they are the support and encouragement behind the men and women brave enough to go stand for the rest of us. Finally – I thank the four-legged warriors that fight along side some of our men and women. They all deserve our gratitude today.

And though this is not (technically speaking) the day we remember the lost – I do remember those also who gave their everything.

Love, blessings and gratitude on this day.



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