Full Flight Today

For an hour
with the company of only a few
only the airline staff
Quiet, peace, solitude
In only a few moments
the energy changes
now bustling with people
low hum of conversation
rolling suitcases
squeaky shoes
rustling paper
the zip of the zipper
crackling of a plastic bag
tears from a little one
who wants his water
and doesn’t have the words
every other person
staring at the phone
some at a computer screen
taking in the last email
last text
or last bit of Facebook
before hitting the off button
before cutting themselves off
from technology
and the rest of the world
… it’s a full flight today

written April 27, 2015




Image Credit: https://flic.kr/p/ceVcW

Lisa Renshaw is a mom, business owner and passionate writer. Her interests are varied so topics she writes about include everything from business to being a mom, raising a daughter and son, healthy living and more. Her business articles can be seen the in the Business Magazine of Florida (http://businessmagazinegainesville.com) and on her Blu Dove Designs business Blog at http://bludovedesigns.com

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