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Me Too – Finding My Courage

By On November 8, 2017

My husband posted an article from the Houston Press about teaching our daughters to hit those who touch her inappropriately. I’m a pretty peaceful person and definitely avoid conflict at all possible.… Read More


Disaster & Recovery

By On July 9, 2017

My kids are really great at making messes. So are most kids… and some adults too!! I think that’s part of having fun! As a mom though, seeing a disaster that I… Read More


Crocheting Lesson

By On June 17, 2017

I really love creating handmade crafts. It’s a nice compliment to what I do on the computer for Blu Dove Designs. As we were picking up a few things around the house… Read More


Safety First Walker Battery Replacement

By On November 24, 2016

* I do not represent safety first. I don’t get any compensation for this information. We have the Safety First Ready Set Walker. My 6 month old son LOVES it because it… Read More


Authentic Love and Forgiveness – Part 2

By On November 13, 2015

…. this is a follow up from the previous post (Part 1) The act of love and grace despite enourmous hurts thrown at you is incredibly hard. When I think about what… Read More


Communication – What I’ve Learned

By On November 12, 2015

I’m part of a wonderful Facebook community of moms. I love the group because no one is judgmental of each other – it’s a safe and loving place to get help /… Read More

joy comes in the morning, choose joy

Joy Comes with the Morning

By On November 12, 2015

Joy and Brilliance are within reach for all of us. No matter who you are, what you’ve been through. You can reach out, grab it and bring it into your life. Sure… Read More

Being American

Heartfelt Thank You to our Veterans

By On November 11, 2015

The words “Thank you” seems so small…for a courage so great. To our veterans young and old, those wounded by the wages of war, those who fought for our freedoms and were… Read More


My Strength

By On September 2, 2015

“People meet me and they would never know what I’ve been through” “In every situation there can be joy, there can be life. What I thought was a death sentence turned into be… Read More


Authentic Love and Forgiveness – Part 1

By On August 30, 2015

…the two go hand in hand I really love how our pastors break things down and make them relevant to real life, real struggles of the heart, the world and how to… Read More