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Baby #2 On the way!

My husband and I were not sure at first that we wanted a 2nd. The first has been so wonderful… not without challenges, mind you, just overall such a blessing. We have an amazing daughter and love being parents (most of the time).  I wasn’t sure I wanted to endure a pregnancy at 41 (yes, I’m stating my age)…the morning sickness, etc. The shear cost of raising another child and how we would manage everything (work, kids, farm). On the flip side, Caitlyn would have a sibling to share life with. In the end we decided we would leave it up to God and if it was meant to be it would happen and if not, it wouldn’t.

Well, it’s been a couple months since I have written….

I am pregnant!

November 9th marks 15 weeks!  I’ve been battling the first trimester of morning / all-day pregnancy sickness, which also included the inability to sit in front of a computer. The scrolling, movement of letters as I typed, and virtually anything I did made me nauseous. Kinda hard to write that way.  I had it with my first and I had no idea if it would end. When it did I was amazed that it ended so abruptly. This time at least I knew that there was going to be an end to it. I also decided to come up with a list of reasons I could be happy about it, in an effort to stay positive. These got me through and kept me from driving my family and friends crazy with complaining.

It’s so good to be back writing again and with my first post back, I wanted announce the news! So here it is in all it’s glory!  This was after numerous tries and a bit of splicing together. Working with a toddler has it’s challenges. It also has it’s joy because in all the imperfection is the perfection of un-duplicatable moments…especially the horse sneaking up on me at the end =)  Enjoy!







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