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A new chapter in my journey

Here begins a new chapter of my journey. I’ve wanted to start a blog and just kept putting it off, thinking I just didn’t have the time and not sure who would be my audience. However I have this passion for writing that only continues to grow and along came an opportunity.

My mom has been exploring the idea for awhile now to start blogging about subjects she has expertise in as she reaches near retirement. This way she can build an income stream. Not a bad idea. However there’s one program she’s been attempting to get set up on and I’ve tried to jump in and help. Even as an experienced designer, I have found the program very user-unfriendly.

Then I thought, why not Google “how to make money blogging” and see what sites came up. Up popped I watched the video and Matt had me with his straight-forward approach. So I thought I’d see what it was like and then decided It seemed like the perfect place and perfect time to start. Why not me? If other people can do it, so can I. I have plenty to talk about and share; and the bonus would be making money doing one of the things I love! How wonderful would that be?

Inside the blog you will find a variety of topics including motherhood, toddlers, life, books, jewelry, healthy living, recipes and more, all written with a positive tone.  I have much to share, much to be joyful about and grateful for in my life! There will also be a Rants section for those moments when I just need to vent. We all have those if we are human, though that will not be the focus.

Day 1 of the challenge – To set up my hosting and choose a domain
I decided to go ahead and use the iPage hosting because it’s what the program uses AND I was already familiar with it being one of the best plans around. At only $2.00 / month and 24/7 support, it’s hard to go wrong.

Ok – this honestly is the hardest part – to choose a domain – but it doesn’t have to be. I tend to overthink things so it took me a couple days to get there. I wanted mine to be easy to remember, short, simple yet creative.

Day 2 of the challenge – To set up WordPress and start writing
My site is set up and now my task is to write, write, write. So far I’m finding the challenge to be realistic, easy to follow with very detailed instructions leaving very few (if any) questions along each step.

So many subjects, so little time! I guess I better get to work!

Day 3-8 – Write, Write, Write!
Now… what to write next!?

Day 9 of the challenge – To launch the website and share with the world!
Today is actually day 10. Day 9 was yesterday and I had not put the “spit and polish” on everything so I’m launching today!

Gulp! Here goes nothing… hello world! Hope you love what you see and read. Feel free to comment as long as the comments are respectful…even if you disagree =)




Lisa Renshaw is a mom, business owner and passionate writer. Her interests are varied so topics she writes about include everything from business to being a mom, raising a daughter and son, healthy living and more. Her business articles can be seen the in the Business Magazine of Florida ( and on her Blu Dove Designs business Blog at

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