Being American

We are American

To my fellow Americans:

I do not care if you are Republican, Tea Party Patriot, Democrat, Libertarian. I don’t really care if your straight, gay, christian, baptist, presbyterian, jewish, muslim, mormon or hindu. I don’t care what color your skin is. I do care whether or not you respect our flag, follow the rule of law, and treat each other with respect and acceptance. I do care about making this country great again and believe the way to do that is by working TOGETHER not focusing on our differences.

For me, I know what I believe in my own heart; that I am a Christian business woman. My highest order of business is to accept and love others where they are in their journey, beliefs and political stance. Whether I agree with you or not.

Once upon a time, there were men that believed that we needed to be free from taxation and free from overbearing leadership. They believed in the creativity and determination of the individual. They were our founding fathers and somehow, what they did for us (for our generation) to even be here has been long forgotten. Sure we remember it on Independence Day and we remember our heroes on on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. But what about the other days of the year. It seems many go about their daily lives, partisan bickering and attitudes of one being better than the other. The “my way or the high way” attitude has taken over our system and instead of working together as AMERICANS, we work against each other. The Republicans point to the Democrats. The Democrats point to the Republicans. The Tea Party points at the both parties and the Libertarians seems to point to all of them. Are any of them right? Yes, they are all right. Are any of them wrong? Yes, they all are. They all have their good points and their bad points.

I see more divisiveness in this country each day and it’s sad. Facebook, I believe is part of the breakdown in society because it affords people the opportunity to speak their mind, no matter how hurtful and hide behind a keyboard and a screen. There is so much partisan bickering, power grabbing and politics amongst the citizens… of every income level. Many conversations start with some perverse finger pointing towards one group or another and ultimately ends in name calling. Why do people even need to go there??

Media sources make it worse because no one is reporting the actual facts anymore….it’s all subjective and leans one direction of the other.And while some report the facts, many report only half of the facts. True journalism is unbiased, reporting of all the facts. I don’t even know where to find that kind of journalism.

This election season I encourage you to stop, take a breath and learn where the other person is coming from, you might learn something. Understanding takes a lot more work that judging based on assumptions.

The most important thing to remember is that beneath all the parties, colors, shapes and ideas, we are ALL Americans.




Lisa Renshaw is a mom, business owner and passionate writer. Her interests are varied so topics she writes about include everything from business to being a mom, raising a daughter and son, healthy living and more. Her business articles can be seen the in the Business Magazine of Florida ( and on her Blu Dove Designs business Blog at

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